There are several jobs which can be done before the body is fitted, this is not a complete list but just the way I did things. Most of these jobs could be done with the body in place but it is FAR easier doing them beforehand.


The heater that is recommended comes from a Volkswagen polo and is a nice compact three speed unit. The heater is mounted from the engine side of the bulkhead with a plenum/distribution box inside the cockpit. I measured the AK supplied plenum against the body and cut an oblong hole just slightly smaller so the plenum had a mounting face. I then offered up the heater from the engine side and temporarily fitted it in place with some tape while I drilled four small holes and screwed the heater into place. I sealed all round the heater with sealant including making a blank off plate for the large gap at the bottom. Talking of

blanking plates, if you use the polo heater then a blanking plate will have to be made and fitted to block off the large gap below where the heater matrix sits to ensure that all the air that comes from the fan goes through the matrix, I should have taken a photo here but wasn’t thinking, sorry. Once the heater is fitted into place then it is time to fit the plenum. Drill some holes it the top and fit the outlet pipes (I used plastic water pipe, there are several ways of doing this) before you fit the plenum, I have done four outlets, two at the top for the screen demisters and one either side to have in-car heating. The plenum is then fitted into place and sealed to stop any hot air escaping.

Pedalbox and servo

The pedalbox and servo are quite easy to fit but really need two people to bolt up as one needs to crawl into the footwell and one needs to be in the engine bay. I removed the brake reservoir to fit the servo as that seemed the easiest way.

Remove protective plastic

If you have had the mirror finish stainless panels fitted by AK then they come with the protective plastic still on, take it off now while you can!


The last job I did before fitting the body was to drill some holes. I drilled the hole for the fuel filler cap, the hole for the gearlever and the four small holes in the bottom edge of the body where the seatbelt mounting holes are.

Finally, I was ready to fit the body, with the help of a few friends it was a simple case of picking the body up, walking forward a few steps and plonking the body down into position.

It was a great feeling to see the body and chassis mated again especially as I could now move it all around, thanks go to Sarge and Kay, Ray and Paul who came at short notice to help me lift the body into place, thanks guys!

Last job of today is to bolt the body down.