I’d got to the point now where it was time to fit the bodyshell and with the help of Sarge and a few of his neighbours we soon had the shell on the chassis. With a bit of jiggling (it’s a technical term ) the body was soon fixed down, a day later and the doors were fitted along with the bonnet and boot. Starting the engine was a milestone in the build as was driving the chassis but seeing it now, chassis and body combined was just unbelievable! I think I sat and looked at it for over an hour; it was such a great feeling to see it look like a car for the first time. Truly one of my favourite moments of my time!

I cut all the holes in the body for the lights and exhaust etc and started looking at where to get it painted. I went and visited many places and was amazed at how much paintshops wanted to charge for spraying my car, up to £4000 in one instance. I finally stumbled on Clive Tallis of Hinckley who came out to see the car and agreed to sort out the flash lines, regap the doors and paint the car for less than £1000 as long as he could fit it in between other work, as it was November by then and cold in the garage I decided to go for it. I didn’t fancy doing any work on the car in the cold anyway, and I soon had the car delivered to him. Sarge’s neighbours had a MGTF on their drive and I really liked the colour so instructed Clive that I wanted my Sumo painted Rover MG Trophy Blue.