I had by now saved enough money to upgrade my engine so started making enquiries about what to do. Looking at forums and websites I decided to start with a 3.9 block and stroke it to 4800cc, keep my current Megasquirt system and hopefully see a large increase in power. After making enquires with some of the major UK suppliers of Rover aftermarket parts it soon became apparent that none of them could supply me with a stroked crank to fit the smaller journals of my 3.9 block so I was stumped! I knew that very locally to me was one of the best Rover engine builders in the country, John Eales of J.E.Developments but assumed that, as he was the best, he would also be expensive but I was running out of options so went to see him at his workshop. I spent a long time that day with John, talking through what I wanted and the best way of doing things. He’s a very knowledgeable guy about all things Rover and after deciding on what was best for me I asked him his prices! I was very surprised that, although some of his prices were more expensive than the other suppliers, some were a lot cheaper so I ended up ordering a stroker kit to enlarge my engine to 4800cc with an increase in compression, a pair of heavily worked heads and other assorted items (oil pump, gaskets, fasteners, rocker gear etc.) for slightly less than I was going to pay at the other suppliers, plus, he was only a 5 minute drive away should I have any questions. I built and fitted the engine and tuned it and it was magnificent, a true beast and very, very powerful.